Utica Cemetery Association

Columbarium Rules

Effective January 1, 2016

Each niche shall have a capacity for 2 urns.

Niche plaques shall have Conformity of Text:

      Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial (optional)  

     Month, Day and Year of Birth and Death

Niche plaques and inscription are included in the purchase of right to inurnment.

Any changes to niche plaque will be at customer expense. 

No additional decoration will be mounted in any fashion to niche or columbarium.

All memorials left at the columbarium, (flowers, etc. will be removed daily.  This includes any seasonal or holiday décor.

No climbing, or sitting on the columbarium.

No balloons, glass or wooden structures may be left on or near the columbarium.

An opening and closing charge will be applied if a customer requests niche to be re-opened.

These rules are subject to change.