Utica Cemetery Association

Cemetery Rules

Effective January 1, 2014

Flowers and ornaments to be kept within 14 inches of front side only of monument. No ornamentation of flowers to be placed on the sides of backside of monuments.  Anything found beyond the 14 inch requirement, will be removed by Cemetery Personnel. 

All funeral flowers are to be removed in a timely fashion.

No trees or bushes of any sort are to be planted.

No balloons.  No glass of any kind.

Benches are to be kept in line with monuments as much as possible.

One bunch of artificial flowers per grave is permitted after May 1st until November’s winter cleanup.

All monuments must be of stone or granite and erected on a foundation of concrete. 

No permanent wood cross of any kind.

Any and all ornamentation is subject to review by the Utica Cemetery Association.

Grave blankets and wreaths cannot be placed before November 15th and must be removed by the first week of April.

No dogs allowed.



All lots are sold subject to the rules and regulation of this cemetery now in force or which may hereafter be adopted.  Lots are sold subject to perpetual care trust fund. The superintendent shall accept instructions from and finalize burial permits for burial in any lot held jointly by two or more persons when such order or instructions is given by the heirs, devisees, or assigns of the deceased, but the association shall not be held responsible for any mistake due to lack of proper instructions as to the particular space in the lot where the interment is to be made, and shall bear no financial obligation to correct such a mistake.